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SEO Copywriting: How important is it to you?
Dean Rieck on Copywriting Direct Marketing. SEO Copywriting: How important is it to you? For copywriters, every advertising medium has its unique requirements. Direct mail requires you to know postal specifications. Radio advertising requires you to write exceptionally lean. E-mail marketing requires you to deal with the eccentricities of spam and e-mail design. Then theres the Web. And one of the requirements these days, according to many gurus, is SEO, search engine optimization.
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However well designed your website may be and however good your products may be, if they can't' be found on Google or for that matter, even other search engines, they don't' exist for your customers. You need Search Engine Optimization Copywriting to attract visitors and get found on the search engines.
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Courses Membership For Business Partners About Blog Contact. How to Write SEO Optimized Copy. Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO. On a basic level, its not too hard to make your content more keyword rich, but in order to make it really shareable, it actually has to be of high quality and engaging.
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Search Engine Optimization improves the volume of traffic that a website receives from the organic results of search engines. In order to have a successful SEO campaign, you need to make sure you are optimized for the different factors that search engines use in order to determine the relevancy of a site. One of the key factors of success is the quality content and thus the effective SEO copywriting.
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Our SEO copy is conversion-focused, meaning we'll' never throw a bunch of spammy keywords all over your website. We have developed engaging and unique SEO copy for a wide variety of industries and understand the unique challenges of each. Give us a call, and we'd' be happy to share some relevant info from our portfolio or case studies. Think your website's' copy is already well-optimized for search engines and conversions? Our SEO copywriting experts will audit your entire website content and discover additional opportunities you've' probably missed. Whether it's' identifying new keywords, suggesting content topics, or optimizing your existing content, you owe it to your business to have OuterBox audit your website's' SEO copy. What have you got to lose? As a leading eCommerce web development and SEO company, we've' lent our SEO copywriting services to hundreds of eCommerce stores.
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There are also other approaches on this matter, like Kim, the Marketing Director of Alexa, has another approach to the essence of SEO copywriting.: SEO copywriting is probably more of an art than a science. Marketing Director of Alexa. Why Is Writing for SEO Important? Writing for SEO is important because its a one of the best ways you can make sure your content will reach your readers. Search engine optimization is the ticket to the Wonderland of first places in Google. Otherwise we would write in vain. People wouldnt find your content, and it wouldnt serve anybody, nor the users, nor the search engines which is the way users get to your content. So, wouldnt you want to take part in this beautiful adventure and get there? Creating SEO friendly content is important to help your audience, build organic traffic to your website and keep your loyal clients.
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Basics of SEO Writing. The first step to becoming an SEO content writer is to understand search engine optimization. For written content, it starts with finding a keyword or phrase to build the content around. Often, your client will give this to you. When you have a topic keyword or phrase, you need to research it. Enter your keyword or phrase into a keyword tool, such as Google's' Keyword Tool or SEO Book Keyword Tool. Look at the number of searches done for that keyword or phrase over the last month. While you want a lot of searches on that word, the number of searches isn't' your only consideration. How much competition is there for that keyword or phrase? If there's' a lot of searches but also high competition, you may find it hard to rank for that keyword in the search engine. Sometimes it's' better to pick a different keyword with fewer searches, but also, less competition. What other keywords are there?

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