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Check out our tips for blogging and copywriting like a pro. Share this Stream. A Serious Look at Adding Humor to Your B2B Content Marketing. Humor can add a little flavor and increase audience engagement in your B2B content marketing. 5 Ways To End A Blog Post.
How Much Should You Pay a Blog Writer? Lacy Boggs.
Those writers are frequently not native English speakers, plagiarism is rampant, they probably have little to no copywriting education, know nothing about online sales, and you can forget about SEO. Youre not going to go that route, right? Im not sure we can be friends if you donot because it hurts my writerly feelings although it does a little bit, but because its just really bad business strategy. Wal-Mart Blog Writing Services. In doing some research into my own competition recently, I discovered a couple of services out there that do pretty much what I do: they provide a business blog posts for a fee.
11 Things That You Must Include in Your Next Blog Post Copywriter Toronto B2B Technology and Software Copywriter.
B2B Copywriting Services. B2B Copywriting: Website, Email Sales Copy. White Paper Writer. B2B Copywriting Services. B2B Copywriting: Website, Email Sales Copy. White Paper Writer. 11 Essentials for B2B blog posts. Youre ready to publish your latest blog post and bring more readers back to your blog.
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The Most Effective Number in Article Headlines Infographic Ayaz Nanji. Which number in headlines for list-based articles/blog posts is correlated to the most social shares? To find out, Venngage examined the performance of 121333, listicle" articles/posts from brands and publishers. Blogging, Content, Copywriting, Corporate Blogging, Research Summaries, Web Copy, Writing.
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Did you ever see a website page go viral? The goals and structure are quite different. Blog posts have two functions for your customers. Fresh and regular content updates which use popular key phrases help Google recognise active and useful websites. This helps increase search rankings. Blogs are also a great space to build a relationship with potential consumers. These should also be informative and targeted, but also user-friendly. Its also important to integrate your content into the sea of other online material. Link back to authoritative sources to help the spiders understand the quality of your material. Theres more on quality blogging including how to begin a blog post on our site. Top tips for online copywriting. If youre not up on your grammar then its worth spending some time researching before you start. Great web copy uses active voice.
The complete guide to copywriting formulas don't' write from scratch!
Airstory is a collaborative writing platform that helps teams turn ideas into blog posts, ebooks and articles faster. So you can publish and promote like crazy. Content marketing is the fastest-growing opportunity for businesses, but content creators cant churn out great content like factories. We offer a collaborative writing platform called Airstory that houses a teams ideas and research alongside their documents, so they can simply search their research library, find ideas, drop them into a document, and publish. Created by a blogger, content strategist and novelist. Tons more info and examples in this great post. Copywriting formulas for bullet lists or fascinations. You know what a bullet list is but did you know that copywriters especially in direct response call bullets fascinations? Where a bullet really just states a benefit or feature, a fascination is written to be so compelling and curiosity-piquing that desire is magnified. We talk about this in our courses, and you can learn more here. The order of your bullets in this case would go like so.: Good, with Outcome.
16 Copywriting Articles To Launch You Into Writing Greatness.
Write to discover. Dont wait until you know exactly what youre going to describe in blog posts. 22 Headlines That Went Viral. Have These Marketers Cracked The Code? Author: Jeff Bullas. Attracting attention is the first key step to engage with readers and driving sales. Unfortunately, getting attention is damn hard. Jeffs article takes a look at one of the most effective means of capturing attention: the headline. In particular, he examines the 22 most successful headlines by mega media upstarts BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and ViralNova and shares lessons from each you can apply to your own copywriting efforts. Filled with visually appealing examples, the article is data driven while at the same time being full of creative energy.
10 Copywriting Tips Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity WordStream.
If youre writing ad copy or blog posts now, its likely youre going to have to do it againso save yourself time and energy, and use these copywriting tips and exercises as many times as you need to jump back into writing!

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